domingo, 25 de maio de 2008

Challenge Day - May 28th 2008

The responsibility for Challenge Day in the American Continent was accepted by SESC in 1995. The proposal of a challenge based on a friendly competition between cities is far from the sense of confrontation and is revealed by cooperation, fair play, respectful attitude, with dialogue and merging dispute. Though, it is an effective place to exchange knowledge amid the participants. In equal proportion the incentive to the practice of physical activity draws the topics of citizenship, through the indication of social links, the variety of rights and freedom and consequently the joy of life.
In the 2008 edition, SESC will maintain a boost on Challenge Day in direction of the relationship among the participant cities having as main axle the importance of sportive actions for the collective living and the prevalence of health. By the ever growing action in partnership with public and private institutions that help to make of this event a symbol of personal and social involvement, SESC SP believes that the participation creates agreements of communion and solidarity in a circumstance in which we all act and are benefited.

Once again our school will participate. Join us!!!

" My favorite singers "

These are my students by 3 A and 3 D. They wrote songs with "Foreign words" (English words which were imported into Portuguese). We have a "big show" at school. I like them very much because they are wonderful!!!